RAC introduces redesigned Isuzu patrol vehicle

Date: Monday, November 30, 2020   |   Author: Sean Keywood

The RAC is rolling out a new version of its heavy duty patrol van, said to be designed to cope with increasing number of heavier vehicles that need assistance in difficult to access locations.

It is based on the original heavy duty patrol van which was introduced last year, based on the Isuzu D-Max pick-up truck.

It features a lowered rear body, allowing vehicles including SUVs to be recovered from places such as car parks, shopping centres and airports.

More than 100 D-Max patrol vans will be on the RAC’s fleet by the end of this year.

RAC head of technical innovation James Gibson said: “As more and more larger vehicles, particularly SUVs, appear on our roads, we’ve been investing in upgrading our breakdown fleet to ensure our customers continue to receive the highest standards of roadside assistance from the RAC, wherever they are.

“This update to the successful customisation of the Isuzu D-Max which we first put into service last year means our patrols can now get to vehicles that are in harder-to-reach spots such as under-cover supermarket or airport car parks like those at Heathrow much more easily.

“The new vehicles, alongside our existing low-roof fleet, mean we’ll be the first breakdown company that can access almost any car park to complete a fix or, if needed, tow a vehicle to a garage. It’s a solution that saves drivers both time and hassle.

“Working with our partners at Strongs, the new model has a completely redesigned rear body but carries all the same market-leading breakdown assistance technology that our patrols use to such great effect – including our leading ‘all-wheels-up’ system for recovering cars that can’t be fixed.”


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