Teletrac Navman and Brake launch CV driver awareness campaign

Date: Monday, September 14, 2020   |   Author: Sean Keywood

A campaign to raise awareness of the extra pressure placed on CV drivers during the coronavirus pandemic has been launched by telematics firm Teletrac Navman, in partnership with road safety charity Brake.

‘Who is a commercial driver’ sees 15 drivers from fleets around the UK sharing their stories about the last few months.

The campaign argues that without their efforts, communities would have struggled without access to essential goods, services or healthcare.

Teletrac Navman managing director Richard Lilwall said: “It’s these workers, on the front line of logistics, who not only have an important role to play generally, but who have kept this country going over the past six months, with everything from vital life-saving PPE deliveries, to fast-moving consumer goods that keep the economy ticking over.

“What’s more, extended working hours, more vehicles on the road, an increase in shifts, and more deliveries per shift have all become the norm in recent months for those drivers bearing the load, in partnership with their colleagues in logistics. 

“For their dedication to ensuring everything gets from A to B, we want to show our appreciation.”

Brake spokesperson Katie Shephard said: “The past six months have been extremely challenging times for everyone across the UK and it has been a pleasure to work with Teletrac Navman on this project. 

“As a road safety charity, Brake understands the challenges around driving for work and is proud to support this campaign to thank commercial drivers, especially during this difficult time.”


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