Truckman reports strong sales recovery

Date: Monday, July 27, 2020   |   Author: Sean Keywood

Vehicle accessories firm Truckman says its sales have bounced back strongly following the coronavirus lockdown.

It says its sales in June increased by 110% compared with the previous month, while its orders have increased by 178%.

It has also reported an increase in fleet orders, particularly for pick-up truck hardtops, which will count towards its July figures.

Citing data from PMI showing a strong recovery for UK manufacturing, Truckman executive chairman Mike Wheeler said: “We have experienced the start of a V shaped recovery at Truckman and our performance is a strong reflection of what is being reported by the PMI figures.  

“As we are experiencing a somewhat government-made recession to protect the nation from Covid-19 there is pent up demand, which we have been quick to respond to and seen our sales increase rapidly.”

Wheeler said that Truckman’s role in working with key industries should place it in a strong position. 

“There are still challenges ahead, but we are confident that the industries we support, such as utilities, construction, rail and agriculture, along with the off-highway sectors that are involved in the major infrastructure projects the government is bringing on line, will continue to invest in their vehicle requirements.  

“Our established relationships with OEMs and dealership networks will also be key to maintaining a strong flow of sales as we approach September and the new 70 registration plate.”


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