AFP launches course on electrifying LCV fleets

Date: Thursday, August 5, 2021   |   Author: Sean Keywood

A new training course for LCV fleets transitioning to EVs has been launched by the Association of Fleet Professionals (AFP).

The new course, said to follow a similar format to the organisation’s course on electric cars launched earlier this year, has been created by eLCV expert Paul Kirby in conjunction with the AFP, and will be delivered by him alongside the AFP’s Peter Eldridge via video conferencing, taking five to six hours.

The course includes modules on the eLCV ecosystem, vehicles, evaluation, total cost of ownership and operations, and the future.

AFP chair Paul Hollick said: “The electric car course has been one of the key achievements of the AFP to date, helping many fleet professionals to begin planning their electrification transition.

“Its new eLCV equivalent aims to do the same for light commercial vehicle operators and we are sure will be similarly successful, especially thanks to the involvement of Paul Kirby, who is one the country’s best-informed voices in this field.

“We’ve priced the course to make it highly accessible and we’re also aiming to make it extremely interactive, with Q&A sessions and other online means of communication to ensure that everyone attending can derive the maximum benefit.

“We’re expecting interest to be high and are also planning to repeat the course regularly over the next year or more. This is an area where it seems certain that demand for fleet expertise will grow very quickly in the near future.”


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