Airmax Remote and Ring Carnation announce strategic partnership

Date: Friday, August 13, 2021   |   Author: Sean Keywood

Telematics company Airmax Remote has revealed a partnership with vehicle conversion electrical specialist Ring Carnation, to create a fully connected intelligent switching and power management system for the emergency services.

The aim is to allow critical on-board devices to be monitored remotely, for downtime management, and for making sure procedures are followed and vehicles are performing as intended.

Ring Carnation’s systems are designed to distribute power around a vehicle to where it is needed most, such as to defibrillators and other critical equipment. This means monitoring battery life is essential, and Airmax Remote’s technology will allow this to be done not only by the driver, but by remote managers also.

In addition to the emergency services, the solution will also be rolled out to corporate fleets with unique chassis builds.

Airmax Remote managing director Richard Perham said: “Airmax Remote and Ring Carnation have many vital years of experience of working with the emergency services and I’m excited about the future and what we can deliver as a collective.  

“With in-house engineering and design teams we can enable rapid deployment. Both organisations benefit from full ownership rights and control of product development which includes own manufacturing capabilities meaning both products are made in Britain and can keep costs controlled which ultimately benefit the UK market.”



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