Electric Renault Kangoo E-Tech vans join council fleet

Date: Tuesday, June 1, 2021   |   Author: Sean Keywood

Lambeth Council has added six electric Renault Kangoo E-Tech vans to its fleet.

The vans, which replace previous diesel vehicles on the fleet, are to be used by housing supervisors and mobile fitters working in the council’s landscapes division.

The council is said to have taken on the vans, supplied in the Business trim level, after an initial trial proved they had sufficient range and size for its operational requirements.

The vans will be charged via 13 new 7kW smart chargers the council has installed across its five maintenance depots throughout the borough.

Lambeth landscapes transport manager Robert Presnall said: “As a council that is striving to significantly improve air quality within our borough, we want to lead by example and have a low-emission fleet. For anything under 3.5t, we are now only considering electrified vehicles. 

“The Kangoo E-Tech allows us to continue our focus on our local environment with no impact on our operational effectiveness. When you add in the lower running costs and the fact an electric van can be serviced in minutes, then it’s actually very hard to justify a diesel or petrol van of a similar size.

“We’ll certainly consider more Renault E-Tech models, and, with its range and refinement, the new Zoe Van E-Tech looks like it could be a good replacement for some of our diesel vehicles where a big payload isn’t an absolute necessity.”


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