New transport compliance manager hired by ARI

Date: Tuesday, March 9, 2021   |   Author: Sean Keywood

Fleet management company ARI has appointed Rachel Bullen to the newly-created role of transport compliance manager.

The company says Bullen will be tasked with helping fleet customers to manage the increasing demands of legislation and compliance.

Bullen, who is said to have more than 30 years of experience running fleets and chairs a number of key industry bodies, will help customers establish and streamline compliance procedures, and help keep their vehicles and drivers legal and safe.

She said: “Compliance over the past few years, especially around O Licence, has become increasingly complex for many fleets. 

“A lot of companies, especially those who are running increasing numbers of vans, are now having to navigate this challenging area when previously they did not.

“It is our job at ARI to help these companies, making administration as efficient as possible for them, helping them with governance, providing guidance and ensuring their procedures are watertight.”

Before joining ARI, Bullen was fleet compliance and risk manager for Cadent Gas. She was previously national training instructor for Logistics UK, and continues to serve as chair of that organisation’s Van Excellence Governance Group and Van Policy Working Group.

She added: “ARI is a market leader in the management of vehicle operations, from small fleets with cars and vans to large, complex mixed operations. 

“With its huge global resources, technology and dedicated team, and the changes the fleet industry faces, it is an exciting time to be joining ARI.”

ARI operations director Matt Cranny said: “To have a person of such vast experience and knowledge of compliance and legislation on board at ARI is very important.

“Rachel has an encyclopaedic knowledge of compliance and also a deep practical understanding of how to make it work on the ground. Rachel will be key to shaping ARIs solutions and support for our customers in the most important area of managing a commercial fleet.”


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