Renault Zoe Vans join SSE fleet

Date: Monday, May 17, 2021   |   Author: Sean Keywood

Utility firm SSE has begun adding electric Renault Zoe Vans to its fleet.

Four vans have already arrived, with eight more set for delivery, and further vans set to follow.

SSE says the vans will be used by supervisors and team leaders to visit its operational sits and developments throughout Scotland.

The vans are said to allow staff to reach locations in remote areas, thanks to their 245-mile battery range, and also have enough room to carry required tools, wet weather clothing and PPE.

They were converted to SSE’s specification by Renault-accredited convertor Qi, with additions including a hygiene station and fire extinguisher, and wrapped by Mediafleet.

The company plans to have 3,500 of its 4,000 commercial vehicles fully electrified by 2030.

It has estimated that over a five-year period, each Zoe Van will save 23.5 tonnes of CO2, while whole-life costs are also said to be lower than with a similarly-sized petrol car-derived van.

SSE national EV manager Neil Chamberlain said: “As an EV100 company that is committed to switching its fleet to electric, and with our focus on renewable energy and making a significant contribution to building low-carbon electricity systems fit for the future, introducing the Zoe Van to our operations fits perfectly with our strategy and ethos. 

“The range of electric LCVs has always been a bit of an issue in the past for the roles that these vehicles are used for, so that of the Zoe Van now gives us the option to make the transition and look at other areas where a van is traditionally used but there isn’t a need for a high payload. 

“The comfort is a big benefit to our operatives and, for those that are negotiating the narrower, more demanding roads of the Highlands, the compact dimensions are another welcome bonus. 

“With the Zoe Van we’re further lowering our environmental impact at no detriment to our operational costs or effectiveness.”


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