New AI-powered vehicle checking tool launched

Date: Tuesday, April 19, 2022   |   Author: Sean Keywood

A new AI-powered vehicle inspection tool has been introduced by Digital INNK.

The new tool allows drivers to carry out and submit real-time vehicle walkarounds, and enables records of health checks and notifications to be stored and made visible through a cloud platform.  

Additionally, any SMR tasks identified in the health check can be instantly booked to an approved network of suppliers, where garages receive an automatically generated job sheet. Jobs can also be proactively managed around a vehicle’s schedule.

The technology can be tailored to an operator’s requirements, with health checks set to a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Digital INNK CEO Angela Montacute said: “When it comes to commercial vehicles, it’s essential to keep your fleet on the road. Vehicle off-road time from compliance tasks can impact a fleet’s efficiency and impact the bottom line.

“We’ve designed the Health Check tool within our ViSN platform to be simple to use, and tasks can be completed in minutes. It means more time on the road for drivers and better compliance rates for fleet managers.”


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