EO Charging launches new energy management system

Date: Wednesday, January 31, 2024   |   Author: Sean Keywood

Depot-based fleet electrification specialist EO Charging has announced the launch of a new energy management system.

EO Hub is designed to automate load management for all AC and DC charging stations inside a single depot.

The company says the system optimises grid connections, protects against outages through active load management, and can help fleet operators reduce charging costs.

EO Charging CEO Charlie Jardine said: “As EV fleets mature, we have seen the challenges they are faced with when it comes to energy and load management requirements. 

“This is why we have developed EO Hub, which is an onsite energy management system and supports fleet managers by automating energy distribution across the site.

“EO Hub is an intelligent solution that not only helps current electric fleet operators, but also those looking to transition their fleets to electric by mitigating the need to upgrade the grid connection, whilst reducing ongoing energy costs through smart charging.”


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