Medisort electrifying van fleet with Bedeo

Date: Tuesday, April 16, 2024   |   Author: Sean Keywood

Clinical waste firm Medisort is adding range-extender EV technology to its fleet with Bedeo.

The technology will give Medisort’s vans up to 73 miles of electric range, with two in-wheel electric motors and a 37kWh battery, retrofitted to work alongside the vans’ existing diesel engine.

The conversion is initially being applied to two of Medisort’s Fiat Ducato-based vans, with the first already in service, and the second due later this year. The phased approach is designed to allow Medisort to assess performance and practicality in real-world scenarios.

Medisort managing director Stuart Brittle (pictured) said: “The ability to upgrade and electrify our existing fleet without changing our rear cargo fit-out is key for us to keep our operations running effectively and efficiently. 

“We cater to companies that facilitate and house some of the most vulnerable within our communities, and the work we do is essential in keeping those businesses running. 

“The ability to start our journey towards a greener, more sustainable future without jeopardising any of our key partners or clients is a huge step towards transforming our fleet and our operations to keep doing what we do, just in a more sustainable, flexible and cost-effective manner.”

Bedeo CEO and founder Osman Boyner said: “Companies like Medisort serve as the backbone of countless communities, and it's imperative that they sustainably continue their vital services well into the future. 

“As we continue to advocate for effective and robust e-solutions in the market, we are enablers on the path to this sustainable future. Bedeo is committed to being a driving force behind the transformative journeys of companies such as Medisort, ensuring they thrive in a greener tomorrow.”


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