Northgate launches micromobility service

Date: Wednesday, April 17, 2024   |   Author: Sean Keywood

A new programme offering electric utility vehicles and e-cargo bikes to fleets has been introduced by Northgate Vehicle Hire.

The company says it is responding to a growing need for emissions-free, flexible electric options to sit alongside more traditional commercial vehicle types.

It says the vehicles are suited to a wide range of use cases, and are ideal for use in locations where a regular LCV might be too large.

Redde Northgate group partnerships director Brett Hilliard said: “Many of our customers have started to operate vehicles of this type to support lower carbon operations, but with minimal opportunities to rent until now. By launching a range of micromobility solutions under our standard rental agreements, we can offer our customers access not only to the vehicles, but also our fully inclusive service and maintenance support.  

“Our rental solution also removes both the capex burden and the worry of residual value risk in what is a new segment for many customers.

“These smaller vehicles will complement our range of LCVs and eLCVs, offering specialised and efficient tools to operators under the same flexible contracts as any other Northgate vehicle. As our customers’ needs evolve, so too will our rental proposition, ensuring that we continue to support customers in imaginative ways regarding their mobility needs.”


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