Vanaways announces Fleetmaxx partnership

Date: Friday, March 22, 2024   |   Author: Sean Keywood

Vehicle broker Vanaways has announced a new partnership with fuel payment company Fleetmaxx.

The deal will see Fleetmaxx promoting Vanaways as a preferred van supplier to its customers, while Vanaways will in turn recommend Fleetmaxx as a fleet support provider.

Vanaways business development director Liam Nicholas – pictured with Fleetmaxx business development manager Cordelle Gaffney, who is supervising the partnership – said: “This is a great opportunity to continue to grow our business, as well as being something which our customers will benefit from.

“What we want to do is to look after our customers throughout the full process of purchasing and owning their fleet, so a partnership with Fleetmaxx will give them access to potential cost-savings throughout that journey.

“Both our companies are looking to offer something different from the status quo, so it’s a real coming together of values and missions. We’re looking forward to a long and thriving relationship which benefits both of our companies as well as, of course, our customers.”

Fleetmaxx director Rob Webb said: “We understand the market and the demand for good customer service in our industry. We’re keen to work in partnership with our customers, to help them manage their fleet with competitive pricing and trustworthy services.

“As such, we are constantly looking to develop relationships with other companies to fill in the other elements of holistic fleet management that we don’t currently cover. Finding a decent partner on the sale of vans has been a struggle for while, so we’re happy to be teaming with Vanaways and are confident that they share our insistence on quality of service.

“It’s important that our customers have their needs met with reliability and the necessary speed of service, which are what Vanaways is becoming renowned for.

“Ultimately, we want our customers to be able to run their fleets better. As such we’re in regular contact with them – either through relationships with our sales staff or via our weekly customer updates – so we’re confident that we can help Vanaways with further growth opportunities.”


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