Vanaways announces Veriforce CHAS partnership

Date: Friday, April 5, 2024   |   Author: Sean Keywood

Vehicle broker Vanaways has agreed a partnership with Veriforce CHAS, which sees it become recommended van supplier.

Veriforce CHAS provides risk prevention, compliance and supply chain services for contractors and hiring clients in construction, facilities management, public sector and other industries.

It will promote van deals offered by Vanaways, including around electric vehicles, as well as offering each new purchaser a branded FleetPack including tailored advice, technology and safety equipment.

The three-year deal was developed by Vanaways director of business development Liam Nicholas (pictured right) and Veriforce CHAS head of marketing David Turner (pictured left), following an introduction by Murray Ambler-Shattock of civil engineering firm KM Group, who is a Veriforce CHAS member and a long-term customer of Nicholas.

Turner said: “Vans are critical to our members’ livelihoods – if they can’t drive, they can’t get to their worksites - so we wondered how we could help those companies too small to have fleet managers, as well as the larger fleet owners,with buying, financing and maintaining their vehicles. With costs rising in all areas of their business, we wanted to give our members the collective buying power of a major membership base to help them get the best deal.

“We were introduced to Vanaways via one of our long-time members and they came very highly recommended. They’re brilliant, because they’re not tied to any manufacturer. That’s key, as different companies need different types of vehicle.

“And this relationship with Vanaways brings our members the benefit of their huge buying power, as well as good financing options. Our members know they’ll be getting the best solution backed up by service programmes and contracts which work for them.

“We have more than 33,000 members with hundreds of thousands of vehicles across the country, so it’s great to give Vanaways this opportunity to offer our membership the benefits of bulk purchasing and independent buying. This partnership provides our members with something they wouldn’t be able to get themselves, so it benefits both parties.”

Nicholas said: “Partnerships like these are going to enable Vanaways to kick on its unique offering to the next level.

“We really like helping smaller businesses grow and take advantage of benefits usually only available to the larger companies with bigger buying power. We’ve been on that journey ourselves so we empathise entirely.

“So this relationship with CHAS is perfect, giving tens of thousands of smaller business access to our services and offering, which can only be good for our business as well as theirs.”


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