Vanaways begins supplying vehicles to Trinity Surfacing

Date: Thursday, February 15, 2024   |   Author: Sean Keywood

Trinity Surfacing has chosen Vanaways as its new van supplier.

The highway surfacing company has added its first two Vanaways vehicles to its fleet – a Fiat Ducato welfare vehicle and a Ford Transit Connect – and is said to be likely to add a further six to ten vehicles over the next year.

Trinity Surfacing director Ben Bridges said: “As we approach our sixth anniversary, the decision to acquire new vehicles is emblematic of both a strategic growth trajectory and a proactive approach to fleet management.

“Our new acquisitions represent a blend of fleet modernisation, operational efficiency and the proactive anticipation of customer demands, all in line with our overarching mission to excel in the realm of asphalt surfacing and civil solutions.

“We’re excited to announce Vanaways as our new partner in our journey towards operational excellence.”

Bridges praised Vanaways as having an efficient ordering process, a user-friendly platform, and knowledgeable staff.

He said: “We have tight timelines but Vanaways have gone above and beyond expectations to expedite the process, minimising any potential disruptions to our operations.

“We’re continually investing in our fleet, including changing our vans which aren’t ULEZ compliant, so we’ll be speaking to Vanaways much more in future.”

Vanaways business development director Liam Nicholas said: “It’s been a pleasure getting to know Ben and the team at Trinity Surfacing and we’re delighted to be their vans partner as the company looks to grow.

“Not being tied to any dealership means we’re able to source the widest possible range of vehicles for any purpose. This welfare van for Trinity Surfacing will provide site teams with the facilities they need to do their job properly.

“We’d like to thank Victory Conversions for their help getting the vehicle ready in quick timescales – the customer is delighted with the speed of our service and our partnership with Victory has been crucial.”


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