A survey by insurer Direct Line has found that 83% of tradespeople would like to run an EV.

According to Direct Line, this is a significantly higher proportion of EV enthusiasm than among the general public, at 54%.

It said that among tradespeople, 21% wanted to switch to save money on fuel, which 15% wanted to switch for environmental reasons.

The survey also found that tradespeople were more confident than the general publica bout EV charging infrastructure being commonplace within five years, at 53% versus 30%.

In addition, 46% of tradespeople expect EVs to outnumber petrol and diesel vehicles by 2026, and 72% within a decade, while for the general public the figures are 15% and 41% respectively.

According to Direct Line, 55% of tradespeople think that EVs will make a tangible impact on pollution and sustainability by 2026, 

However, 43% of tradespeople surveyed were not aware that government grant funding was available to buy electric vans.

Direct Line van business manager Jonny McHugh said: “Sustainability is becoming increasingly important to people and businesses and the government is responding. There is widespread recognition that electric vehicles have a critical role to play in reducing carbon emissions.

“It’s promising to see that tradespeople are leading the way, with our research showing that they’re more likely to own or are more willing to buy an electric vehicle in future. 

“They are also more optimistic about their future and their potential to make a positive difference in the battle against the climate crisis.”