A new AI-powered driver behaviour safety app has been introduced by Applied Driving Techniques.

The Applied Companion app, developed in partnership with Sfara, is designed to detect and log at-risk driving events, and then aim to correct the driver’s behaviour with targeted safety messages, performance reports, and training. 

A 15-month trial of the app is said to have delivered a 68% reduction in speeding, a 70% reduction in hard braking, and a 90% reduction in rapid acceleration. 

The app uses smartphone sensor inputs alongside learning AI to detect risky driving, and can even distinguish between being a driver or passenger.

Based on individual performance, targeted email or SMS messages are sent to the driver in the first instance as a safety reminder, followed by one or more of 27 Triggered Training modules.

A weekly performance report for both employees and key stakeholders provides a summary, including a ranking system, and for persistent issues notifications will be sent to the relevant manager.

The app also includes a suite of personal safety features for lone workers, providing 24/7 access to an emergency call centre.

Applied Driving Techniques global managing partner Andy Phillips said: “Applied Companion takes a driver-centric and supportive approach to revolutionise fleet risk management. This is not simply about changing behaviour, but also attitude, by constantly reinforcing your safety message and treating drivers as individuals with unique needs.

“We have been trialling the app with drivers both in the UK and internationally, which has helped us understand the huge potential in terms of improved road safety and return on investment. 

“We are now rolling Applied Companion out to new and existing fleet clients, with additional safety and compliance features planned for later in the year.”