Tyre retailer ATS Euromaster has launched its Mastercare service for cars, vans and 4x4s. The service aims to perform a number of pre-emptive tyre safety checks.

The package is focused around scheduled, electronically managed tyre inspections to minimise the risk of tyre failures and prolong tyre life.

Mastercare comes with a number of service options including tread depth, valve cap and tyre pressure checks by technicians. The firm will also offer visual damage checks for vehicles.

The company will create management reports allowing fleet manager to gauge which vehicles cost the most to run, by enabling them to identify careless driver behaviour through wear patterns and excessive tread loss.

“Every fleet is dependent on drivers performing daily walk-around checks to identify problems with vehicles before they become significant or pose safety risks,” said Mike Williams, head of national accounts at ATS Euromaster. “With MasterCare, those drivers are supported with a second regular inspection from a true tyre expert. It provides the peace of mind that all tyres are safe, legal and being properly maintained.”