A money-back guarantee lasting 24 hours kicks in if the report has wrongly described the state of the vehicle. The vendor pays for the report — it costs a modest £5 — which is attached to the van and can be viewed by prospective purchasers when the vehicle is offered for sale. It is also scanned and uploaded onto Manheim’s web site so that online bidders can see it too.

“In a recent survey we conducted more than 90 per cent of buyers said they would have more confidence to bid more money if detailed information about the condition of vans were to be made available,” says Alex Wright, Manheim’s commercial vehicles sales director.

“In the same survey more than a third of buyers said they would only bid on vans that required minimal reworking while just under a half said that they allow a margin for unexpected mechanical repairs,” he continues. “For years buyers have calculated a ‘what if’ margin into the bid price of a van,” Wright adds. “Van Check is aimed directly at those buyers and enables them to bid with confidence.”