The average price of diesel at UK filling stations has gone above £1.50 per litre for the first time, according to data from the RAC.

The motoring organisation said its latest figures showed an average price of 150.24p per litre for the fuel.

The milestone comes following months of rises, during which new record high prices for both diesel and petrol have been recorded.

RAC spokesman Simon Williams said: “Fuel prices this year are setting records for all the wrong reasons, with the average price of a litre of diesel hitting £1.50 a particularly miserable milestone. 

“The high prices drivers are having to endure at the pumps is also coming at a time of rising domestic energy costs and in turn inflation, which risks making the coming winter a horrendously expensive one, especially for those on lower incomes.

“Our advice to all motorists is to shop around for cheaper fuel and drive as economically as possible – doing both these things can help keep costs in check, at least a little.”