Average values for light commercial vehicles sold at BCA auctions in July fell slightly to £5444 according to the remarketing giant’s monthly Pulse report.

Values fell by £43 (0.7%) over the month compared to June 2015’s figures, however year-on-year values were ahead by £46 (0.8%) with the average mileage decreasing by 3355 miles in July 2015.

Values for ex-fleet and lease vehi cles averaged £6280 in July – a fall of £167 (2.6%) compared to June. Year-on-year, values were also down by £184 (2.8%), while nearly-new values van values fell by £500 (3.5%) compared to June.

 Average part-exchange values fell by £20 (0.5%) over the month to £3723, while year-on-year values are ahead by £86 (2.3%).

BCA said the steep fall in nearly-new values was down to the very low volumes reaching the market and the increasing availably of new shape vehicles reaching the used market.