Average LCV values hit a new high in December, according to auction firm BCA.

It said the average sale price during the month was £8,571, an increase of 0.9% compared with November.

According to BCA, average values continue to outstrip guide prices by around seven percentage points, demonstrating ongoing demand from professional buyers.

BCA also reported record levels of activity between Christmas and New Year, with an enhanced programme of online activity, and said high levels of demand had continued into 2021, with average values continuing to rise.

The company also said conversion rates remained high, averaging over 80% across its online sales programme in December, and that sales volumes were also ahead year-on-year as demand from the home delivery, final mile and courier sectors continued.  

BCA COO for UK remarketing Stuart Pearson said: “In the weeks running up to Christmas, we saw a significant rise in demand for LCVs to meet the needs of the home delivery sector. 

“Our buyer customers certainly appreciated the additional opportunity to acquire stock from BCA over the festive season, underlining the high demand we have experienced throughout 2020 for LCVs.

“The high levels of demand have continued into 2021 and it is likely this will be maintained while the UK remains in lockdown conditions. With fast changing government advice on handling the pandemic as safely as possible, we might expect to see short-term periods of volatility – BCA Valuations delivers daily valuation intelligence to ensure buyers and sellers are fully informed and in tune with the actual market conditions.”