The average value of LCVs sold at auction reached the highest level ever in June, according to BCA.

It said the average value rose by £558 during the month to reach £9,933, which represented a 22.7% increase compared with June 2020.

BCA UK COO Stuart Pearson said: “The continued strength in the LCV market has surprised many, but June was another very robust month, with values rising to record levels and BCA’s LCV sold volumes continuing to increase. 

“Over 2,000 different professional buyers competed for commercial vehicles in our online events, underlining the choice and quality of vehicles that BCA delivers from the best vendors in the industry.”

“We’re currently offering more commercial vehicles from more locations than ever before, with the aim of making it as efficient as possible for our customers to interact with BCA. We continue to drive enhancements to our LCV imagery and grading methodology to support their buying needs.”