Every year, for one day only manufacturers’ PR departments are allowed to go a bit mad with their releases.

That day of course is today – April Fools Day. Below are two new models that probably won’t be making it onto your fleet any time soon…

Ever wanted a kebab while in the back of a taxi late at night? Vauxhall has solved that problem with the Taxi Kebabi, based on the nine-seat Vivaro Combi.

Details are thin on the ground at this early stage, but Vauxhall revealed it features two gas-fired spit rotisserie grills, integrated salad bowls, chilli dispensers and a selection of sauces.

“With the launch of the Vivaro Taxi Kebabi, we really believe we’ve given our customers something to sink their teeth into,” said Vauxhall spokesman April Fulls.

Not to be outdone by their rival, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has revealed its Caddy Maxi Mini – a 2.4-metre long version of its long-wheelbase panel van.

Volkswagen said this is the current-generation Caddy’s last hurrah before the new model arrives later this year.

VW claimed it could be parked at right angles and has a turning circle of just four metres. It is aimed at businesses who want a van without much load space.

“This is the perfect van for the modern office. Let’s say Kevin from Accounts wants to pop out and get a sandwich for lunch or maybe collect his tie from the dry cleaners, the Caddy Maxi Mini is the perfect vehicle. Buyers aren’t paying for space they don’t need,” said head of new product development at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Dr. Avin’ A’Laf.