The Mul-T-Lock MVP1000 van security package has been installed by Bradleys Master Locksmiths.

MVP1000 is said to have been chosen due to its robust security features and reputation as a powerful visual and physical deterrent against potential thieves.

Bradleys Master Locksmiths owner Rob Bradley said: “In our line of work, securing our tools and equipment is paramount. The MVP1000 provides us with the peace of mind that our valuable assets are protected, reducing the risk of theft and ensuring we can continue to serve our customers without interruption. 

“We’re already looking at ways to add more security to our van fleet.”

Mul-T-Lock head of commercial and technical Suresh Peri said: “Mul-T-Lock UK is committed to providing innovative security solutions to protect tradespeople and theirnvaluable tools. 

“The partnership with Bradleys Master Locksmiths showcases the effectiveness of the MVP1000 in real-world applications and highlights the importance of taking proactive measures to combat vehicle crime.”