The next UK Government needs to ‘throw the kitchen sink’ at decarbonising commercial vehicles, according to the BVRLA.

Commercial vehicles form one of the main focuses of the rental and leasing industry organisation’s new Future of Fleets Manifesto 2024, which outlines a series of measures it wants the next government to adopt.

Among the BVRLA’s requests are the full alignment of rules for 4.25t electric vans with 3.5t diesel vans, and the solving of issues facing commercial vehicles with both public and private EV charging infrastructure, including small charging bays and problems with grid upgrades. 

Speaking at the BVRLA’s Autumn Parliamentary Reception, where the manifesto was launched, the organisation’s director of corporate affairs Toby Poston said: “Van use has exploded in recent decades. It has doubled in the UK, and emissions are up by 60%. Vans are the only vehicle class where we have seen that sort of increase. 

“I would go as far as to say that the government needs to throw the kitchen sink at commercials. We need more financial incentives to support uptake, we need to get to grips with red tape, and we really need to look at the appropriate charging for commercial vehicles. Ideally, we need charging infrastructure that likes things big and heavy.”

Among the other requests contained in the BVRLA’s manifesto are the locking in of the ZEV mandate, and more support for used and rental EVs.

Poston said: “I’m really proud to say that our sector is not just embracing decarbonisation, it’s driving it. Our members already have around 400,000 pure electric vehicles on the road today. 

“Working with government, we can harness the finance, the expertise and the passion in our industry and deliver millions more EVs over the course of the next Parliament.”