The number of vans on BVRLA members’ fleets has grown by 2.4% year-on-year, according to new figures.

The rental and leasing industry body has published its latest Leasing Outlook report, with data running up to the end of Q2 2023.

This shows the van fleet growth contributing to a 1.96% growth in the overall size of the BVRLA fleet – taking it to its largest size since 2018 – with car fleet numbers growing by 1.8%.

The BVRLA said the growth in van fleet numbers was particularly impressive given supply constraints that have affected the sector.

It also said there had been a 32% year-on-year increase in van fleet management.

Commenting with the release of the report, BVRLA director of corporate affairs Toby Poston said: “The sector is again demonstrating its ability to adapt to changing market conditions to meet customer needs. Achieving growth in a turbulent market is no easy feat.”