Equipped with a sleeper cab conversion courtesy of Suffolk-based Hatcher Components, the 7C18 is also fitted with a box body constructed by Williams Coachworks of Hull. A tail-lift has been installed too.

One reason for the operator’s choice of vehicle is Canter’s high payload capacity; an impressive 3,420kg thanks to its light chassis. “Our beehives are manufactured from timber and delivered in flat-pack kit form so it is weight rather than volume that’s the limiting factor so far as our distribution operation is concerned,” says Thorne managing director, Paul Smith.

As well as beehives the Canter delivers other products such as honey jars, protective clothing and smokers to apiarists nationwide. It also helps keep the shelves stocked at the firm’s two English branches in Windsor and Stockbridge, Hants, and at a Scottish outlet in Newburgh, Fife.