Eurotank Environmental is responsible for looking after the fuel tanks at 450 Tesco filling stations nationwide.

The line-up includes two 7C18 7.5-tonners with box bodies courtesy of A L Musselwhite of Romsey in Hampshire. Used in the inspection and cleaning of tanks, they boast lab areas with fuel testing facilities along with showers and changing rooms.

A 1,000kg-capacity tail-lift is fitted in each case along with underfloor generators, compressors and heavily protected storage tanks that can hold up to 1,000 litres of fuel. The Canters are also equipped with Chalwyn diesel engine valves, which eliminate the risk of dangerous sparks. Musselwhite platform bodies are fitted to the four Canter 3.5-tonners that have also been acquired.

Carrying skid-mounted compressors, they are used to tow trailers laden with 2,000-litre diesel storage tanks. Grossing at up to 3.5 tonnes each, the trailers are also hauled by the 7.5-tonners.

All the Canters were supplied through local dealer Pentagon Commercials.