Low carbon vehicle specialist Cenex has launched an online electric vehicle viability assessment tool for fleets.

The free-of-charge Fleet Carbon Reduction Tool (FCRT Lite) aims to enable fleet managers to accurately gauge the viability of using low carbon vehicles within their operations.

Cenex said the tool takes into account duty cycles, fuel consumption and electric vehicle range under real world conditions. It claimed that by providing a realistic cost of ownership, FCRT Lite takes the risk out of using low carbon vehicles.

Cenex explained that when information such as the split between urban, rural and motorway driving, the ownership cycle and days of use per year was entered into FCRT Lite, the device would present a dashboard of economic and environmental performance by comparing a low carbon vehicle to its diesel equivalent.

Chris Walsh, head of Technical Support at Cenex, said the centre had developed the tool in response to a demand from fleets for impartial advice on electric vehicles to allow them to understand how best to deploy them to maximise cost savings.

“Unlike other applications our new tool will use real world data we have collected to help evaluate the viability of a range of low carbon vehicles within fleet operations, allowing fleet managers to make informed decisions, which may be better suited to their operations.”