A conservation charity has begun deploying electric vans on its fleet with guidance from leasing and fleet management company Fleet Alliance.

The Conservation Volunteers (TCV) has a fleet of around 75 LCVs, including vans and minibuses, and decided to explore switching from diesel to electric power for reasons including the nature of its conservation activities, and the fact many of its vehicles operate in clean air zone areas.

Having secured funding from its partners, including local authorities, trusts, and charitable foundations, the charity is said to have chosen Fleet Alliance from a list of five potential suppliers.

Fleet Alliance recommended an initial batch of four Citroen e-Dispatch vans, which are being delivered to sites in Stirling, Glasgow, Leeds, and London.

If these vans prove a success, the plan is for more of TCV’s fleet to become electric as vehicles come up for replacement.

TCV finance manager Katherine Hutt said: “Fleet Alliance has been really helpful in sourcing this initial batch of four electric vans and providing positive financial arrangements that have been really beneficial to our cashflow – which, due to its multi-source nature, can be rather complex.

“More than that, they have also provided valuable advice and assistance in all aspects of running EVs, including battery range and installing the most appropriate chargers at our various sites from where they will be operated.

“If this trial proves successful, then we will look closely at replacing more of our vehicles to electric power.”

Fleet Alliance CEO Andy Bruce said: “Like many of our customers, TCV has begun its journey to, ultimately, an all-electric fleet which is very much in accord with its own mission of helping conserve the environment for future generations.

“We will provide the necessary advice and support to ensure that the transition to electrification meets their ambitions and plays a key role in helping them achieve their conservation and net zero carbon aspirations.”