Aimed at operators who regularly have to enter the London congestion tax zone — it's exempt — it has the potential to provide savings of in excess of £1,500 per annum. The standard engine's 12,500 mile service interval is maintained.

The conversion includes a state-of-the-art sequential common rail gas injection system, specially developed by NME for this engine. The injection system allows LPG to be introduced into the engine's inlet manifold at high pressure, as close to the valves as possible.

It also features sophisticated synchronisation between the system's ECU (Electronic Control Unit) and the engine's own management control apparatus. This allows the LPG injection system to accurately mimic the engine's main ECU fuelling requirements to ensure optimum performance and economy from the 75 bhp engine when running on LPG.

A 43 litre LPG tank is situated in the spare wheel well or there's the option of a 100 litre tank sited in the load area.