Based on the C-Crosser SUV — Citroën's take on the recently launched Mitsubishi Outlander — which is due to go on sale in the UK this Autumn, the Cruise Crosser took pride of place on the Espera Sbarro School stand.

Citroën and the Espera Sbarro School have a long history of working together designing and developing concept cars. It offers young car enthusiasts the chance to discover the automobile trade and students learn about different aspects including design, body work and mechanics, and are encouraged to be creative.

The Cruise Crosser has strong 'green' credentials. To minimise its impact on the environment, a hybrid drivetrain combines a conventional diesel engine with an electric motor located under the rear floor to cut fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. And when the electric third axle is used alone, it is even possible to drive silently in 'Zero Emission Vehicle' mode.

There is enough room at the back to provide extra seating, with a removable third row, or to create a load bed. The tailgate design makes loading easier, sand boards are stored at the rear to help extricate the vehicle from any tricky situations, while step plates on either side offer easy access to the rear compartment. It also features an advanced satellite navigation system and DVD player to make long journeys more enjoyable.