With the batteries included the model will cost £21,300, excluding VAT. Once the Government’s Plug-in Van Grant is factored in a further 20% should be lopped off the starting price.

Scott Michael, Citroen’s CV boss, said: “There is an appetite for electric vans, they are more utilitarian and suitable than electric cars.”

The brand is keen to talk up its heritage in the electric van sector and points out its new EV is a second generation model, following the original Berlingo Electrique, which ran from 1998 to 2005.

The latest model uses lithium-ion as opposed to its predecessor’s lead acid batteries.

The electric motor is housed under the bonnet and the battery pack positioned beneath the load deck, allowing for a payload of 636kg and load space of up to 3.7m3 – the same as a diesel-powered Berlingo.

With a battery capacity of 22.5kW, Citroen claimed the Berlingo Electrique has a range of 105 miles.

Using a domestic socket the van can be charged in eight and a half hours or it can be charged to 80% of capacity in 35 minutes with a specific 380V three-phase terminal in quick-charge mode.