Clarion Response has begun using the Driver Audit module from Licence Check to communicate fleet policy changes to its near-500 company van drivers.

The in-house repairs and maintenance service of Clarion Housing Group, Clarion Response carries out 1,000 repairs a day and makes more than 250,000 visits to residents each year, using a fleet of 480 vans.

The company already used Licence Check’s Davis compliance platform to manage its drivers, but has now also added the Driver Audit module, launched last November, to communicate important fleet policy changes.

Fleet and environment manager Colin Hutt said: “I’ve rewritten the fleet operating policy and the driver handbook to make drivers aware of their responsibilities – such as having a valid licence, carrying out regular vehicle checks and so on.

“We needed to make sure that all drivers had seen the new policies and have used the Driver Audit module to communicate with them all. 

“The drivers firstly have to acknowledge that the information we hold about them is correct and has not changed since the last audit. Then they have to confirm that they have opened and read the new policy documents, that they accept the terms and conditions and agree to fulfil their responsibilities.

“This completes a perfectly auditable electronic trail that allows us to confirm the status of all of our drivers and show that everyone is compliant with the new policies.”