Tesco fitted its 3200-strong LCV fleet, which carries out 500,000 deliveries every week with vehicles in service for up to 16 hours daily, with Michelin’s Agilis Alpin tyres in Autumn 2011 following a sequence of harsh winters that has continued subsequently.

Tesco.com fleet and equipment boss Dino Papas said: “Because of the decision to fit Michelin cold weather tyres we were in a significantly better position to get orders to customers when the unexpected weather hit earlier this year. Now we have seen the long term benefits of winter tyres it would be difficult to go back to operating without them.”

The Michelin Agilis Alpin, which is designed specifically for light commercials, uses a rubber compound to reduce braking distances and improve grip when temperatures dip to seven degrees celsius or below.

ATS Euromaster fits Tesco.com’s tyres and Michelin Solutions carries out regular fleet checks.