Connected Kerb has become the latest EV charging network to allow payments through the Zap-Pay service.

Connected Kerb, which has around 2,000 UK chargers, is the ninth network to go live on Zap-Pay, following on from Osprey, ESB Energy,, GeniePoint, Mer, MFG EV Power, Fastned, and Alfa Power.

Further integrations into Zap-Pay, a single-app payment system from Zapmap which uses a credit or debit card to pay for charging, are expected over the coming weeks and months.

Zapmap commercial director Alex Earl said: “I’m delighted to see such an important network as Connected Kerb going live on Zap-Pay, not least because reliable, accessible EV charging solutions like these will help to accelerate the uptake of electric vehicles and reduce our carbon footprint.

“As a nationwide charging provider with charge points at convenient locations such as residential streets and car parks, Connected Kerb is a valuable addition to the Zap-Pay partner network.”

Connected Kerb CEO Chris Pateman-Jones said: “Zap-Pay has made an immeasurable contribution to our users’ charging payment experience, which must be as seamless as possible if we are to win the hearts and minds of existing, experimental and new EV users. 

“Charging an EV should be a routine activity that is as mundane as taking public transport and this collaboration with Zap-Pay will bring that a step closer.”