An order for 34 CoolKit van conversions has been placed by animal pharmaceutical products distributor Covetrus.

The conversions are being carried out on long-wheelbase Volkswagen Crafter vans, supplied by the Volkswagen Van Centre in Edinburgh.

Covetrus makes around 1,500 deliveries a day across the UK with its fleet of over 115 vans, either direct from its central warehouse or via overnight logistics hubs.

Covetrus transport manager Mark Hughes said: “We offer a full range of companion animal, large animal and equine pharmaceuticals and, as such, it is vital that every delivery meets strict industry standards.

“We operate a fleet of MHRA/VMD cold-chain-compliant vans, through our national distribution network and to ensure the necessary, exacting standards of temperature-controlled solutions, we work with CoolKit.”

CoolKit CEO Rupert Gatty said: “By nature of what Covetrus delivers it’s vital that they have accurate temperature control of both the ambient and chilled sections of the load space, to be compliant.

“While they knew the required temperatures of their stock when they first came to us a couple of years ago, they didn’t know what solutions were available to them and were relying on our own industry knowledge.

“We advised that a traditional dual compartment conversion might not be suitable for their specific needs, as one of the compartments would end up being far too large for the small amount of chilled goods they carry, wasting a lot of the load space.

“Instead, we suggested they opted for the majority of the load space being run at the controlled ambient temperatures required and install a separate, smaller container for the chilled goods.

“This would leave more space for the controlled ambient which is makes up their primary loads.”