Temperature-controlled conversion firm CoolKit has secured a patent for its thermal lining system.

It said the system, which had been patent-pending for five years, is more discreet than established, bulky evaporating systems.

The design features ducts incorporated into the insulated floor and ceiling, which run along the entire length of the van load space, while numerous vents along their length dispatch streams of hot air through the floor, and cold air through the ceiling,

CoolKit says that given the propensity for hot air to rise and cold air to fall, the temperature remains uniform around the whole interior.

CoolKit CEO Rupert Gatty said: “The invention came about when we were approached by a leading pharmaceutical wholesaler to develop a solution which would ensure the even distribution of hot and cold air throughout the complete load area of their fleet of vans.

“Traditional solutions rely on us fitting an evaporator to the ceiling of the van’s interior from which fans blow out hot or cold air as required. This reduces the usable height of the interior and also proves to be a risk hazard for injuries to the head.

“It is vital that pharmaceutical products retain the required temperature throughout their journey from A to B, and our research and development team wasted no time in developing a workable solution for our customer.”

Gatty said the new system had been in use with customers for some years, and that the firm was ‘thrilled’ to now get the patent.

He added: “Not only does it confirm our status as a leader in innovative solutions within the industry, it reaffirms our expert position with our customer base, who rely on us to provide the safe and compliant solutions they need.”