Buying new vans with marketable features and options is the best way to ensure good resale values, according to British Car Auctions’ commercial vehicle general manager Duncan Ward.

“Generally a better specification will make a van more desirable and saleable with higher-spec vehicles often selling more quickly, improving cash-flow for the seller,” he said. “The key is knowing which features are worth paying for when it comes to resale value.”

Ply-lined interiors are popular amongst auction house van buyers, and could add upwards of £100 to a vehicle’s value.

Side-loading doors, even for smaller vans, are another sales essential, according to BCA, with single, nearside doors adding £150 to average resale values, and yet more desirable double doors worth an additional £250.

Vans with air conditioning should have bulkheads for efficiency, and air con is actually considered wasteful for vehicles bought for short haul, stop/start delivery work. For bigger, 3.5 tonne vehicles, reversing sensors add about £50 to values, as do in-vehicle entertainment systems and Bluetooth. Thanks to many smartphones having built in guidance systems, in cab sat nav is not considered much of a selling point, according to the auction house.

BCA is urging more small businesses to save time by using its recently launched, What Van? Innovation Award-winning video appraisal service.  “Time is precious for small businesses –especially for owners and managers who are trying to deal with their fleet needs, along with running the business,” said Duncan Ward.