French brand Citroen has extended its Ready-to-Run range of approved body conversions with the introduction of a car transporter built by Advanced KFS (pictured). Using an AL-KO chassis and based on a 3.5t Relay, it can typically handle a 1,541kg payload.

A model that has been designed to carry lightweight pieces of plant is available too. At the same time, Citroen used the show to highlight the availability of the full Dispatch range – now on offer in the UK in three different lengths – and the addition of the larger L2 version of the electric Berlingo to the line-up.

An all-new Berlingo is due for launch in 2018.

Head of CVs and business sector operations, Jeremy Smith, admitted Citroen has not put sufficient effort behind promoting the battery-powered Berlingo. With an official range of up to 106 miles between recharges, which he says translates to closer to 80 miles in the real world, it is a practical choice for a wide cross-section of small-business users who do not clock up a high daily mileage, he said.

Smith is not convinced sales of electric light commercials are about to skyrocket, however, despite all the attempts made to demonise diesel. “We’re getting closer to the tipping point though,” he believes.

He is pleased with the sales progress being made by the new Dispatch. “In the first quarter of this year we sold 500 more than we did of the previous model in the first quarter of 2016,” he reported.