RAC Connected has announced a new partnership with dash cam firm Exeros Technologies to augment its telematics service.

Customers can choose from multiple camera systems which capture forward and rear views from vehicles, live-stream, monitor drivers’ gestures using AI technology for signs of fatigue or distraction, and provide full security CCTV.

There is also the option to include advanced driver assistance systems which are designed to prevent accidents by scanning the road ahead for vehicles, pedestrians and other road users as well alerting the driver if they stray from their lane.

Integration of cameras with the RAC Connected platform is designed to notify fleet managers about incidents within minutes of them occurring, with the combination of camera footage, driver gesture monitoring and telematics data said to provide a powerful understanding of incidents.

Exeros cameras, which have been fitted to RAC patrol vans since 2017, start recording as soon as a vehicle’s engine is turned on. If a driving event occurs, such as rapid acceleration, harsh braking, or a collision, the system reviews the footage and classifies it as low-risk, high-risk, or a collision, with the aim of preventing fleet managers having to sift through hours of video footage. They are then able to review and download the footage from the RAC Connected portal.

The in-cab driver fatigue system works via a camera which can monitor the driver’s face for signs of tiredness and distraction through changes to head position, gaze, eyelids and mouth. If anything concerning is detected, an audible warning alerts the driver to regain their concentration.

RAC Connected head Nigel Humpherson said: “Having Exeros Technologies’ smart camera systems completely integrated with our market-leading telematics solutions is a massive step as we are now able to offer our clients far greater insight into their fleets as well as protecting their drivers from the dangers of tiredness and distraction.

“RAC Connected already gives fleet managers a host of information including collision detection alerts and data on vehicle health and driver behaviour, but the addition of state-of-the-art external and interior camera technology adds another dimension, particularly as everything is available in the easy-to-access RAC Connected portal and app.

“Customers – large and small – are able to take advantage of any or all of the Exeros systems from a front-facing camera right through to a full CCTV security or preventative safety features such as advanced driver assistance or AI driver gesture monitoring systems.

“As Exeros dash cams have been fitted to every RAC patrol for six years, we have complete trust and understanding in just how effective they are in saving time and money.”

Exeros Technologies CEO Jay Biring said: “Fleet companies until now have had to ‘settle’ for functionality in combined video-telematics platforms with features often unavailable or not quite right.

“The RAC Connected platform already provides incredibly rich data for its customers. Pooling decades of experience between both companies to create this new powerful solution was a great decision.

“Customers will benefit from a best-in-class video-telematics solution with new functionality that is incredibly powerful whilst being incredibly easy to use.”