The UK Government has allocated £4.8m of funding for bidirectional EV charging projects.

The technology, also known as vehicle-to-everything (V2X) allows power to flow from EV batteries back into the grid, allowing businesses running the vehicles to potentially sell this power at peak times, or use it to power their facilities.

Four projects have been announced as benefiting from the funding, including one where Electric Green will work with QEnergy to trial wireless V2X technology with a fleet of 20 Royal Mail delivery vehicles.

Other beneficiaries are Otaski Energy Solutions, which will trial a bidirectional EV charger for fleet operators, 3ti Energy Hubs, which will combine a bidirectional charging hub with a solar canopy and energy storage battery for deployment in locations such as vehicle depots, and Hanger19, which will demonstrate a three-socket bidirectional charger.

Transport Minister for Technology and Decarbonisation Anthony Browne said: “This innovative new development is the next step in levelling-up our charging technology, which will benefit many households across the country.”