Mobile phone provider EE has announced a device aimed at businesses allowing them to connect their workers, customers and equipment when on the move.

Known as the Connected Vehicle from EE, the system places a 4G internet router and powerful antenna into cars and vans to turn the vehicles into wireless hotspots, allowing the devices and users to access the internet while on the road.

The vehicles will also connect to medical equipment, including EKG machines in ambulances.

EE said it has more than half a million business accounts, 75% of which are using 4G, while research from the Centre for Economic & Business Review, found that 4G technology will boost the UK’s economy by £8.9bn this year.

EE’s research also shows that half of businesses believe that 4G is critical to their competitiveness, while two-thirds claim 4G has increased their productivity by 10% or more.

“We’ve shown what 4G can do for consumers, and now businesses and the public sector are using the quality and reliability of the network that we’ve built to boost the UK economy and tackle some of the biggest issues facing Britain today,” said EE CEO Olaf Swantee.