Motor Parts Direct has ordered 40 electric Citroen e-Berlingo vans for its fleet.

The order comes alongside one for 220 diesel Citroen Berlingo and Relay vans, with the new vans adding to the company’s 850-strong Citroen fleet.

The e-Berlingo order comes with Motor Parts Direct looking to operate more sustainably.

The company’s marketing director Kevin Blazey said: “We had been looking at an EV van that had the range and the quick charge facility, as more large cities are introducing congestion and low emission charges. We had a few demo electric vans in on test, before deciding to order the e-Berlingo vans.

“We ordered 40 EV vans and now have 40 sites with chargers – we found the range and quick charge on the ë-Berlingo Vans ideal for our local service. 

“We have been very pleased with the build quality and the specification.”