The Alke XT320E 3.5-tonne LCV made its debut in production form having appeared as a prototype last year. It now includes lighter, aluminium frame bodies.

The XT320E has a claimed range of at least 60 miles in Fast mode and covers extended distances in Eco mode.

The flat bed can carry a 750kg payload and when fully road legal it is rated to tow loads of up to 1500kg.

Epower said the lead battery technology has been adapted from military use and requires zero maintenance.

The 320E includes a fast-swap battery pack, priced £8800, which, Epower claimed, can be swapped in less than a minute by a single operator with a pallet truck.

Available in both two and four-wheel drive, the vehicle is designed for applications such as facilities maintenance, estates management and landscaping.

The 320E costs from £35,000, including batteries.

EPower also showcased the ELXD utility vehicle from Global Electric Motors (GEM)

Designed for use in parks, it has a top speed of 28mph and a range of 50 miles per charge. It has a payload of 630kg and body configurations including cargo storage box, flatbed pick-up with dropsides or 500kg tipper with manual hydraulic pump. Other features are fold-down stake bed, onboard energy monitoring system and 12-inch turf tyres.