Fleet software firm Epyx is launching a new tool allowing fleet drivers to directly book service appointments for their vehicles.

The fleet software firm says its new Driver Booking Module, which will be part of its 1link Service Network platform, will permit drivers using any recognised mobile device or computer to nominate up to three possible booking dates from within a defined network, which will then be confirmed by the garage.

Epyx says that all communication between the driver and the garage, including initial bookings, amendments, cancellations, and other queries, will happen directly through the platform, with no need for fleet intervention.

The company says the process happens within rules chosen by the leasing company, giving it control of key cost and safety parameters, ranging from supplier choice to automatic job authorisation spending limits.

Epyx commercial director Debbie Fox said the Driver Booking Module was designed as a way of digitalising and streamlining the SMR booking process for company vehicle drivers, leasing companies and mobility providers.

She said: “To support speedy adoption we can offer either a branded version of the newly-designed interface, or an API that means it can be integrated into existing web sites or apps.

“We’ve already shown the product to a number of fleets who are pursuing digitalisation strategies. Its benefits are clear and the future possibilities are considerable.”

The new product is due to be launched towards the end of Q1 2021.