Europcar Vans & Trucks has launched a new demo programme for the electric Mercedes-Benz eVito van.

It is offering the use of an eVito for a few days or weeks, allowing businesses to evaluate how and where an all-electric van can be best used within their fleet operations, without having to commit to a major capital expense. 

By allowing them to test the van in real-world conditions, the idea is that fleets can discover where it would fit best, and what possible adaptations may need to be made to their current ways of working.

Europcar UK Vans & Trucks director Keith Shorter said: “There is a clear need for businesses to start learning about how electric vehicles will work in their operations, ahead of the government’s net zero deadline.

“However, for many there is a nervousness about making a long-term commitment without fully understanding the implications for their drivers and their business. 

“Our new demo programme is therefore designed to give businesses and their drivers the ability to experience everything about zero-emission driving, but without having to make a big financial commitment.”

Shorter said that the move to zero-emission LCVs was likely to have major implications for businesses’ day-to-day operations.

He said: “There is a big difference between those companies who are doing lots of short runs, such as courier and local delivery companies and those who are transporting goods and people on longer motorway journeys, for example. 

“How electric vans can be utilised in either scenario needs to be considered along with availability of charging points and the time it takes to recharge a vehicle. 

We believe our demo programme will give businesses that real-life experience to plan effectively for the future.”