It boasts a multi-plate FAM Reinforced Traction limited slip differential, a heavy-duty suspension system raised by 30mm and under-body and under-engine protection. The steering geometry has been revised and 16in wheels with Michelin Agilis S-I 215/60 R16 snow and ice tyres have been fitted.

Based on the 120hp 2.0HDi, 1,200kg payload capacity three-seater L1H1 van, the newcomer is designed to appeal to customers who sometimes have to venture down forestry roads or farm tracks, but who spend most of their time on conventional roads and don’t really need a full-blown 4×4. Opting for four-wheel drive costs money and adds to operating costs.

Dispatch is front-wheel drive and the limited slip diff can automatically apportion up to 75 per cent of the engine’s torque to either of the driven wheels depending on which one has the most grip. That can be a real boon in slippery conditions.

Dispatch 1200 XTR+ is priced at from £17,445 plus VAT.