Fiat Professional has launched a maintenance package designed for business users.

Known as the Easycare Professional package, it includes all scheduled services and any additional oil and oil filter changes.

There are 15 different options, ranging from 24 months and 40,000 miles to 60 months and 120,000 miles, with maintenance costs covered for the duration of the chosen plan, fixed at the point of vehicle purchase.

The packages can also be included within Fiat’s financial products and the firm’s extended warranty packages.

Users are also able to extend warranties by up to an additional two years to the same level of cover as the original three-year warranty, with prices starting from £120.

“By fixing the price of maintenance, and offering a great-value extended warranty, users are able to budget accordingly and can even potentially build this into their finance package at the time of purchase,” said Ricky McFarland, country manager at Fiat Professional.